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The 2019 Dongshan District Office Guide Training Program is now recruiting new members. Please register soon.

(Walk-Through-Dongshan: Apprehension of Beauty of Dongshan – Development and Training for Guides)

We plan to organize the Dongshan District guide training program between July and September, 2019. The program will consist of 27 hours of class.

Application starts now and will expire at 17:00P.M. on July 5, 2019 (Friday). (Please refer to the recruitment briefing for more information on the eligibility of application and mode of application).

The training course is totally free and all are encouraged to apply.

Members admitted will be given the priority to participate in the social development seminar held by the district office.

(1) July 15, “how to promote township travels with local features using local creations” / Sky Yard, by Mr. Jun-Pei He.

(2) August 5, “Giving back what has been taken from local area”: Cases on community travels in Taiwan and overseas / WALK in Taiwan, by Mr. Zhao-Ting Wei.