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2020-12-31Announcement: Applications for 2021 First Season Fallow/Crop Rotation are available.
2020-12-09Announcement: 2021 First Season Irrigation will be suspended due to water shortage, announced Council of Agriculture.
2020-11-30Dongshan Coffee Certification of Origin Mark Presentation
2020-11-27Announcement: 2021 First Season irrigation suspension in Jiayi and Tainan areas. Taking application now through December 20th.
2020-11-13To respond to the drought, please conserve water to get through this difficult time together
2020-10-28Notice: Please refer to the following for information with regard to “New ID Renewal”
2020-09-11Notice: please refer to the following for information with regard to “Field Fire Burning” applications
2020-03-05Notice of “The Second Round of Short-Term Employment Recruiting of Epidemic Prevention Safe Work Plan” for application information.
2020-03-03Notice of Dongshan District Office with regard to COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Policy
2020-03-02Details for 2020 Male Graduates Eligible for Military Services Receiving Regular Military Training
2020-01-03Notice of Tainan City Government with regard to“2019 First Semester Tainan City Siraya Scholarship”.
2019-12-12Notice of Animal Protection Office with regard to station service information for rabies vaccine and pet Registration.
2019-07-08Welcome of the first “Walk-Through-Dongshan: Apprehension of the Beauty of Dongshan – Community Development and Empowerment Seminar” on July 15, 2019
2019-06-14Announcement for Disbursement of 2019 January-February Draught (Longan, Lychee) Relief Funds in Cash
2019-06-05Forward Information: Promotion of prevention for fall armyworm epidemic and cooperation required for all farmers
2019-06-01Please acknowledge the application schedule for the district 2019 2nd session of fallow and rotation.
2019-05-30Please acknowledge the promotion on online application system for the enlisting schedule of 2019 graduating military service applicants.
2019-01-03Notice: Please refer to the following information from Dept. of Public Transportation, Tainan City with regard to additional bus journeys of “Route Yellow 13 Baihe – Nanliao – Xiangong Temple”
2018-11-08Notice: Please refer to the following information with regard to “2018 Local Cilvil Servants Election and National Referendum Voting Location Inquiry” System provided by Dept. of Household Registration, M. O. I.
2018-10-24Notice: Please refer to the following information with regard to free rabies vaccination in November in the district.