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2020-10-16Dongshan District Office community building achievement presentation exploratory tour (line-treading group tour). All are welcome to sign up!
2020-10-15Tainan City “2020 Art Zone” in Dongshan District on 11/1. All are welcome to join us for the splendid performances!!
2020-09-14Notice: please refer to the following for information with regard to “2020 Percussion Carnival Charity Concert”. All are welcome.
2020-04-15Epidemic Prevention in process—Enforced promotion at elementary schools and kindergartens within the district
2020-04-01In response to COVID-19—Tainan City Dongshan District Office will hold 2020 first half the year disaster prevention briefing outside Xiangong Temple
2020-03-24To enhance the alarm and reporting system in remote areas with high disaster potential, National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior implemented “Disaster Alarm and Radio Broadcast Reporting System Establishment” in 2011. Dongshan District Disaster Alarm and Radio Reporting System was established and launched in 2014.
2019-12-18“2020 Golden Mouse Spring Couplet Giveaway, Welcoming the New Year”. All are welcome to join us.
2019-10-09Tainan City “2019 Art to Your Community” in Dongshan District on November 15. All are welcome to enjoy the show!
2019-07-18The 2019 Dongshan District Office Guide Training Program is now recruiting new members. Please register soon.
2019-07-18Announcement: Please join the District Rabies Vaccination Campaign for July
2019-01-28Notice: Please refer to the following information with regard to “Show Baihe” photography contest held by Baihe District Office.
2019-01-03Registration for “Dongshan District 2019 Hiking for Health” Starts!
2018-10-17Notice: Please refer to the following information with regard to “The First National Archives Month,” held by National Archives Administration, National Development Council.
2018-10-02Notice: “2019 Tour around the Towns in Taiwan” event. All are welcome.
2018-08-152018 “Art to your community” in Dongshan. Join us for the show at 7:00 p.m. on September 2.
2018-04-13Notice of Labor Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government 2018 “Long-Term Nursing Care Human Resources Employment” event
2018-03-29Notice of full registration for souvenir T shirt for “2018 Hiking for Health in Dongshan District, Tainan City”
2018-03-20Notice of Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government with regard to “2018 Hulubei Natural Park Children’s Fun Fair” poster. All are welcome to join us.
2018-02-12Notice of Baihe District Office with regard to “2018 Kapok Savor Baihe Kapok Photography Contest”.
2018-01-25All are welcome to join us for “2018 Dongshan District Office Spring Couplet Giveaway” event