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Introduction to the Chief

District Chief: Lu, Huang-Nan
Date of Birth: Born in 1963

District Office Address: No. 223, Dongshan Village, Dongshan District, Tainan City

Phone Number: (06)6802100

The District is located northwest of Tainan City. The plain is the ancestral home of the Pingpu Tribe‘s Hoanya lineage Dorcko community, and is still known as Dorcko Street. The area was renamed ‘Fanshe’ during the period of Japanese rue, and again renamed Dongshan District after the merger of the County and City and the upgrade to a municipality.

The total area of the district is 124.9178 square kilometers with the administrative areas divided into 16 villages. The residents within the administrative area mostly rely on farming, and they harvest paddy rice, tangerines, longan, oranges, melons, dragon fruit, and coffee.

This district has produced Dongshan coffee for 60 years since the period of Japanese rule. It is the hometown of local coffee and currently covers a harvest area of approximately 150 hectares, making it the biggest coffee production center in Taiwan. Between each October and November, the red of coffee plants and the green skins of tangerines spread all over the mountainsides, mix to form a breathtaking ‘red coffee and green tangerine’ scenery. This is also the time for holding the Dongshan Coffee Festival and the promotion of domestic and international publications and e-media have driven local Dongshan coffee to successfully access global markets. At the same time, tourists and their families come to Dongshan to experience the fun of picking the autumn harvest of sweet green-skinned tangerines, as well as tasting the authentic aroma of Dongshan coffee.

 I would like to ask everyone to try the mellow taste of Dongshan coffee and the delicacy of hand-processed dried longan. You will enjoy the exceptional charisma of ‘Taiwan’s Coffee Hometown.’ Moreover, the Coffee Freeway No. 175 has now become a paradise for biking enthusiasts. Tourists will not only be introduced of the beauty of the mountains and rivers in Tainan City but can also view the camphor trees, Tung flower blossoms, the Jianan Plain, coffee beans, green-skinned tangerines, and mountain cherry blossoms, as well as the farming scenes of grinding coffee beans and drying longan. This is certain to a first rate visual feast for you.