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Introduction to the Districts

  To the north of Dongshan District lies the Jishuei River, Sinying District, Houbi District, and Baihe District. It overlooks the Gueichong River and Liuying District to the south, and is adjacent to Dadong Ridge, Chiayi County’s Dapu Township and Tainan City’s Nansi District. The total area is 125 square kilometers. Except for a small number of residents running businesses, most district residents rely on farming for a living. Farmland accounts for 2,391 hectares while the mountain and forest land accounts for 4,673 hectares. The source of irrigation is the Jianan River and Baihe Reservoir. Having the advantage of a remarkable mountainous environment facilitates the growth of diverse agricultural products in this area.

  This area is the habitation and living space of the Pingpu tribe’s Dorcko community. However the gradual immigration and settlement of Han Chinese since the 17th century as well as the subsequent development and operation at various different stages have contributed to the creation of particular ethnic, cultural and local characteristics. Due to the natural scenery, abundant industrial resources and traditional industries such as agricultural products, this district has been developed into a highly charismatic leisure village and has become a popular touristic spot for many people in Taiwan.