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Agency Organizational Functions:

Civil Service and Cultural Section 

Control of self-governance administration, elections, village activity center management, land administration, 375 percent rent limitation; funeral management, rituals and religion, ceremonies, history and literature, village administration, education and culture, environmental hygiene, public health, national education, national physical education, citizen protection and disaster rescue affairs,  military service, library management, aboriginal administration, Hakka administration, mediation administration, and other civil service affairs.

Administrative Section

Control of examination, documents, seals, general affairs, purchasing and outsourcing, legal system, state compensation, appeals, janitor and temporary personnel management, office building management, property management, information management, files, cashier, assistance with taxation, civil service, press releases, public relations, and matters unrelated to other sections or offices.

Agriculture and Construction Section

Construction Affairs

Control of civil engineering, urban projects, non-urban land design, public construction, road maintenance, farming road improvement, farmland re-design, park management and maintenance, rainwater and sewage drainage engineering, hydraulic engineering, small village projects, transportation, tourism, simple running water supplies, construction management, illegal structure report processing, public utilities, fair trade, consumer protection, road lamp maintenance, business and administrative management and other infrastructure-related matters.

Agricultural Affairs

Control of agriculture, forestry, fisheries and animal husbandry, agricultural promotion, agricultural chemicals management, grain crops, agricultural marketing and transport and agricultural intelligence, industrial surveys and analysis, industrial development and promotion, ecology and reservations, soil preservation, hillside preservation, animal quarantine inspection, animal protection, husbandry administration, roadside tree maintenance and other agriculture related matters.

Social Service Section

Control of social welfare, social aid, acceptance and sheltering of elderly and disadvantaged citizens without support and refugees,, national health insurance, labor administration, cooperation, community development, population policy promotion and immigrant life counseling, national annuity, employment counseling, public group counseling, and other social administration-related matters.

Human Resources Office

Control of the organization formation, appointments and discharge reviews, dynamic registration, examination result distribution, training and advanced studies, performance appraisal, punishment and incentives, duty management, remuneration and welfare, insurance, retirement pensions, and human resource statistics.

Accounting Office

Processing of fiscal, accounting and statistical issues.

Anti-Corruption Office

Processing of anti-corruption matters.