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Dongshan 2019 Dengue Fever Preventional Education Training and Re-pledging Campaign

In pledge against dengue fever and termination of mosquitos, Director-General yen and District Director Dong calls for total mobilization in Dongshan District.

The epidemic of dengue fever in Tainan City becomes increasingly intense due to the drastic change of weather recently. Tainan City Mayor Wei-Che Huang requests all districts to take prevention actions for reinforcement. Although Dongshan District is not considered the hot zone for dengue fever, District Director Dong is determined to eradicate dengue fever and terminate vector mosquitos with advanced prevention. The dengue fever prevention educational training and re-pledging campaign was held at the terrace classroom of the social affairs section on the 2nd floor of the district office in attempt to mobilize the whole community.

Apart from emphasizing the characteristics of dengue fever and the habits of vector mosquitos on the presentation, District Director Dong also divided employees of the district office into 8 teams, while the supervisors serve as team leaders with the responsibility to promote the clearance of standing water in containers for 2 villages. Finally, District Director Dong also reminded that unscheduled rainfall could result in  standing water in the environment and containers due to the coming of rain season. Failure to clear such water could result in vector mosquitos breeding from the containers. All communities are required to fully cooperate and clear out the standing water in the containers in and out of the house, implementing the act of “patrol, pour, clear, and brush.” The thorough clearance of breeding source for vector mosquitos of dengue fever will reduce threats from dengue fever.