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Announcement: 2021 First Season Irrigation will be suspended due to water shortage, announced Council of Agriculture.

The suspended area of 2021 First Season is 11,434 hectares by Zengwen and Wusanto Reservoirs, including Xinying, Liuying, Baihe, Houbi, Dongshan, Xiaying, Liujia, Guantian, Xinhua, Madou, and Yanshuei Districts. Compensation for tillage or growing non-“Green Environmental Benefits for the Land” crops (excluding vegetables, cabbages, celery cabbages, and cauliflowers) is $82,000 NTD per hectare and $93,000 NTD per hectare for “Green Environmental Benefits for the Land” green manure, landscaping, or encouraged crops.

Application Period: 12/1 (Tuesday) – 12/20 (Sunday), open on weekends and holidays.

Please fill out and sign application forms and bring ID or household registration, seal, photo copy of bank book, affidavit letter and other related documents to any Irrigation Association Offices.

Please feel free to contact any Irrigation Association Offices for questions and inquiries.