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2018 “Art to your community” in Dongshan. Join us for the show at 7:00 p.m. on September 2.

Since its launch in 2011, Tainan City’s “Art to your community” festival has left its footsteps in all districts of Tainan and spread the seeds of art.

Every year, the “Art to your community” team weaves among the districts and towns to bring spectacular art and cultural performances to the audience in the mountainous areas, by the sea, in the rural areas, and in the urban areas. The support and encouragement from the audience are our strongest pillar of strength, and make our efforts worthwhile when we see the undivided attention and satisfied smiles from the audience. 

Show Time:9月2日(日)19:00~20:30 September 2 (Sun.) 19:00-20:30


No. 225-1, Dongshan Village. The Square in front of the Social Service Section, Dongshan District Office (next to Dongshan District Library) 

(In case of rain: No. 49, Sec. 2, Qingye Rd., Dongshan Dist., Dongshan Elementary School Auditorium)