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Dongshan History

(1) Local History

Dongshan District used to be undeveloped and desolate. During the Ming Dynasty, Han Chinese from Fujian and Quan Province followed Zheng Chenggong to pioneer the desolate east frontier regions. Meanwhile the SirayaPingpu Tribe migrated to the mountain of Donghe Village during Qing Dynasty. At the time the increasing number of population in Dongshan District who got married with the aborigines formed a new village. During the period of Japanese rule, Xinying became the local administrative center for Tainan City and hence Dongshan District maintained a close relation with Xinying. The growth of Dongshan gradually slowed down after the war and reached nearly zero growth.


(2) Administrative History

The District belonged to Dorcko during the Qing Dynasty and was re-structured into Fanshe of Yenshui Port of Tainan Prefecture during the period of Japanese r. Later it was re-named Fanshe Village, under Xinyin County of Tainan Prefecture. After Taiwan’s Retrocession, the village name was changed to Dongshan Township.