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Announcement: 2021 First Season irrigation suspension in Jiayi and Tainan areas. Taking application now through December 20th.

I. 2021 First Season Irrigation in Jiayi and Tainan areas are suspended. The Central Drought Emergency Operation Center has announced assistance measures to the rice industry on November 25th: the irrigation for 2021 First season will be suspended in Zengwen and Wusanto Reservoir areas with a total of 19,000 hectares. Compensations and related assistances will be provided to farmers impacted by irrigation suspension.

II. Assistance measures are as follow for the related industries impacted by the irrigation suspension, including nursery, outsourcing farming, and rice drying business:

(1)Nursery: the compensation is based on the quantity of rice seedlings at the rate of $8 NTD per box. 250 boxes per hectare. The compensation will be $2,000 NTD per hectare.

(2) Rice outsourcing farming: the compensation is based on the operation capacity of tractors, rice transplanters, and harvesters. $150,000-$200,000 NTD for each tractor, $100,000 NTD for each rice transplanter, and $200,000 NTD for each harvester. Two machines maximum for each applicant.

(3)Rice drying business: the compensation is based on the total capacity of the rice dryer. $3,600 NTD per ton.