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Epidemic Prevention in process—Enforced promotion at elementary schools and kindergartens within the district

COVID-19 Epidemic had not been under controlled, the district officer led the staff to Dongshan Elementary School on 4/14 to reinforce the concepts of epidemic prevention at elementary schools and kindergartens in the district. Students were given an epidemic prevention item.

The district officer promoted important COVID-19 prevention concepts, including wearing masks correctly, keeping social distance: 1.5 meters indoor and 1 meter outdoor; and seven steps of hand washing: palm, back of hand, between fingers, arching, thumb, finger tips, wrists in hope of students washing hands thoroughly and sharing the ideas with their families. Everyone works together on epidemic prevention. All are the little soldiers in this epidemic battle. Moreover, the office staff also promoted Dengue Fever and disaster prevention measures.

Principal Cao at Dongshan Elementary School expressed his appreciation on the Office’s effort to educate the students about epidemic prevention during this unusual time and caring for the children’s health by handing out bags in which children could put personal epidemic prevention items or lunch boxes. The bag was very practical for the children. The school would encourage teachers and staff to continue to promote epidemic prevention and implement policies.