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In response to COVID-19—Tainan City Dongshan District Office will hold 2020 first half the year disaster prevention briefing outside Xiangong Temple

To implement disaster prevention policies and promote disaster prevention awareness, the District Office is holding the 2020 first half the year disaster prevention briefing today (31th) in the front courtyard of Nanshi Fuyou Temple. In response to the outbreak of COVID-19 and to avoid the risk of cluster infection, the briefing will be held in the front courtyard of Nanshi Xiangong Temple. District Officer Dong, Disaster Prevention Director Hou and Xiangong Temple Chairman Wu will lead section leaders, Manager and all attendees to worship for safety and peace. All attendees will take temperature, sanitize with alcohol and be seated in the shape of plum blossom for social distancing. The head nurse of Dongshan Health Department will teach the features of COVID-19, transmission paths, and prevention measures.

To emphasize the importance of disaster prevention and effective actions in practice, all protected households within the potential landslide area in the district are invited to attend the briefing and Disaster Prevention Director Hou will have a presentation on the importance of spontaneous landslide disaster prevention to introduce the basic concepts of the five major approaches of disaster prevention.